Skin Entrance dose to patients from routine P-A chest X-ray examination, Radiology Department, Tikur Anbessa Referral Hospital

  • Mulubrihan Alem
  • Asfaw Atnafu


Background: Radiation of any amount is potentially hazardous and it should be minimized as much as possible during health care delivery.
Objective: To determine and assess the variation of the dose received by patients undergoing chest x-ray examination, and to provide a useful baseline data to evaluate the dose to the general public from CXR.
Methods: Radiation doses received by 100 adults patients undergoing postero-anterior/P-A/ chest x-ray examination have been measured using thermoluminescent dosimeter / TLD/.
Result: The average skin entrance dose was 1.24 mGy , ranging from 0.68 to 1.98 milligray /mGy/. TheBody mass Index / BMI/ for 98% of the patients was below 85th prcentile excluding obesity as a factor for the high entrance dose observed.
Conclusion: The dose received from P-A chest x-ray obtained in this study is significantly high. A further detail study covering the whole country, both private and governmental institution, to assess the practice and come up with lasting solution is highly recommended.

(Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 2001, 15(2): 145-151)

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eISSN: 1021-6790