Ethiopian Journal of Health Development - Vol 16 (2002)

An Ethiopian birth cohort epidemiological study

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Table of Contents


Infant survivorship and occurrence of multiple-births: A longitudinal community-based study, south west Ethiopia
Makonnen Asefa, Fasil Tessema
birth cohort study in south-west Ethiopia to identify factors associated with infant mortality that are amenable for intervention
Makonnen Asefa, Robert Drewett, Fasil Tessema
An Ethiopian birth cohort study: the study design
Makonnen Asefa, Robert Drewett, Jenny Hewison
Traditional nutritional and surgical practices and their effects on the growth of infants in south-west Ethiopia
Makonnen Asefa, Jenny Hewison, Robert Drewett
Mothers' health services utilization and health care seeking behaviour during infant rearing: A longitudinal community based study, south west Ethiopia EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT
Fasil Tessema, Makonnen Asefa, Fekadu Ayele 51-58
Assessing the goodness-of-fit of the laird and ware model-an example: The Jimma infant survival differential longitudinal study
Emmanuel Lesaffre, Makonnen Asefa, Geert Verbeke
Malnutrition and mental development: Is there a sensitive period? A nested case-control study
Robert Drewett,, Dieter Wolke, Makonnen Asefa, Mirgissa Kaba, Fasil Tessema

ISSN: 1021-6790
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