Apelin rs2235306 polymorphism is not related to metabolic syndrome in Egyptian women

  • ET Mehanna
  • DM Abo-Elmatty
  • MH Ghattas
  • NM Mesbah
  • SM Saleh


Background: Apelin is an adipokine that was identified to play a role in the control of glucose homeostasis. Apelin rs2235306 gene polymorphism was linked to insulin resistance and poor glycemic control.
Aim of the study: To assess the relation of apelin rs2235306 polymorphism with metabolic syndrome and its component traits in Egyptian women from Suez Canal area.
Subjects and methods: The study included 100 metabolic syndrome patients and 100 healthy female subjects. The component traits of metabolic syndrome were determined and the genotypes of the polymorphisms were assessed using tetra amplification refractory mutation system polymerase chain reaction (T-ARMS-PCR) technique.
Results: There was no significant difference in the allele frequencies between the metabolic syndrome and control groups (P =0.841). There was also no association of the different genotypes of this polymorphism with any of the component traits of metabolic syndrome.
Conclusion: Apelin rs2235306 polymorphism is not associated with the incidence of metabolic syndrome in the studied population.

Keywords: Apelin; Rs2235306; Metabolic syndrome; Polymorphism; Tetra amplification refractory mutation system.


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eISSN: 1110-8630