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Congenital Epulis in a Newborn: A Case Report, Immunoprofiling and Review of Literature

HG Aparna, BS Jayanth, R Shashidara, P Jaishankar


Background: Congenital epulis is a rare lesion of the newborn, presenting as mass in the oral cavity which can interfere with respiration and feeding. It should be distinguished from other lesions which can occur in newborns, both clinically and histopathologically.
Case details: Here, we report a case of congenital epulis in a newborn female on the right alveolar ridge, along with an extensive review of literature and discuss the immunoprofiling.
Conclusion: Early diagnosis of CE in a newborn is of paramount importance in the successful management of these rare cases.

Keywords: congenital epulis, congenital granular cell lesion, Neumann’s tumor
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