Ocular Biometry and Intra Ocular Lens Power among Cataract Patients in Rural Eastern Ethiopia

  • Mandefro Sintayehu Kassa
  • Girum W Gessesse
Keywords: Axial length, Anterior chamber depth, Corneal curvature, Intraocular lens


BACKGROUND፡ The objective of the study was to report on the main parameters of ocular biometry and Intraocular lens (IOL)power of patients attending a cataract surgical campaign in Eastern Ethiopia.
METHODS: The study was a cross-sectional study on 765 eyes which were eligible for cataract surgery during a mass cataract surgical campaign conducted from April 04 to April 10, 2018 at Bisidimo Hospital, Eastern Ethiopia. Ocular biometric parameters were measured by automated keratorefractometer and Sonomed A-Scan (Model 300AP) using contact applanation method. Multiple linear regression analysis was done to determine association of ocular biometry components with sociodemography of the study subjects.
RESULTS: The mean corneal curvature and anterior chamber depth (ACD, measured from corneal epithelium to lens) were found to be 7.61 mm and 2.88mm respectively. The mean axial length was estimated to be 22.98 mm. The mean refractive power of IOL was calculated to be 19.34D. The mean axial length in females was shorter than that of males by 0.24 ( P - value =0.01).The mean ACD in males was also larger than that of females by0.1 (P - value = 0.001).
CONCLUSION: This study provided a larger population based normative data on ocular biometry in Ethiopia. The female sex was a strong predictor of small axial length. Increasing age had no effect on axial length but was found to be a stronger predictor of shallow ACD.


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