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Oral Focal Mucinosis: A Rare Case Report of Two Cases

S Ena, N Manjari, C Anirban, A Ramesh


Oral focal mucinosis (OFM) is a rare soft tissue lesion of unknown etiology. Clinically, it is most commonly found on the gingiva and presents as a painless, sessile or pedunculated mass of the same colour as the surrounding mucosa. Histologically, it is characterized by focal myxoid degeneration of connective tissue. OFM occurs predominantly in adults during the fourth and fifth decade of life, although it has been reported infrequently in children and adolescents. Its diagnosis mainly relies on histological analysis and the treatment involves complete surgical excision. Its recurrence is unreported. The aim of this report of two cases is to describe the clinical and histological presentation and subsequent management of OFM. The cause of OFM remains unknown. The cases presented in this report bring OFM to the attention of anatomical pathologists while considering the differential diagnosis of myxoid lesions of the oral cavity.

KEYWORDS: Oral focal mucinosis, Soft tissue lesions, Gingival lesions

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