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The sphecid wasps (Hym. Ampulicidae, Sphecidae & Crabronidae) of Egypt. Part 2: Checklist

CG Roche


The list of Egyptian sphecid wasps includes the current names of those species recorded in the literature with indications where these have changed together with previously unrecorded genera and species. Three genera have not been recorded from Egypt hitherto (Spilomena, Crossocerus, Lestica). Twenty-four species are recorded for the first time (Chalybion heinii, Sceliphron madraspatanum tubifex, Sphex lanatus, Sphex libycus, Prionyx judaeus, Ammophila djaouk, Diodontus brachycerus, Spilomena sp., Astata boops, Dryudella beaumonti, Liris pictipennis, Solierella compedita, Miscophus pseudomimeticus, Belomicrus dimorpha, Belomicrus odontophorus, Oxybelus dissectus, Oxybelus haemorrhoidalis, Crossocerus adhaesus, Lestica clypeata, Bembix joeli, Cerceris clytia, Cerceris lunata, Cerceris rybyensis, Cerceris sabulosa algirica).
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