Synthetic design and the art of virtual reality in theatre and film productions

  • CS Ekweariri
Keywords: Synthetic design, VR, production design, VEs, Performative medium


Productions, whether for the theatre or film, anchor on the use of space which is the latform for expression and communication, through creative imitation and imagination. By implication, what this means is that space, whether natural or artificial influences the production design. However, in more recent times, occasioned by technological breakthrough, another kind of space has been identified in the performative medium. This new found space is known as Virtual Reality. This article delves into the field of Virtual Reality (VR), a current trend in audiovisual design for the entertainment industry and is therefore designed to examine the synergetic relationships between synthetic design and the art of Virtual Reality and how they influence modern design in both theatre and film productions. This paper is of the view that Virtual Reality, as an operational phrase in modern and postmodern theatre and film, has become a veritable means of realizing scenes (synthetic), occasioned through the introduction of computer and other hitechnological equipment. The paper therefore concludes that in this era of sophistication, and experimentation, designers should go beyond the ordinary in designing for productions. The full immersive potentials of this technology should be explored.

Keywords: Synthetic design, VR, production design, VEs, Performative medium