Between Egwu-Ota, traditional political institutions and governance in Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria

  • MA Iyeh
Keywords: Asaba, Egwu -Ota, Traditional political institutions, Governance, Ahaba


This article explores the relationship between Egwu-Ota and the Asaba traditional political institutions and governance and establishes the significance of Egwu-Ota to the political institutions and governance of the Asaba people of Delta State, Nigeria. In doing this it employs the ethnological field study methodology of interviews, historical analysis and observational techniques to assert that Egwu-Ota, as a dance form, is a microcosm of Asaba holistic culture. It reflects in compact forms the sociopolitical, economic, religious, cultural, traditional and linguistic values of the people. Egwu-ota aggregates the cultural pride and tenacity of the Asaba people who have strung bits and pieces of their culture together to form a unique dance. Therefore, Egwu-Ota is central to traditional title taking/governance in Asaba, and implicates certain levels of social status that one attains as a true born of 1Ahaba.

Keywords: Asaba, Egwu -Ota, Traditional political institutions, Governance, Ahaba


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eISSN: 2449-1179
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