The initiative to develop museum of Islamic arts in Ilorin: a preliminary report

  • MO Sunnie-Ododo
Keywords: Culture, Heritage, Islamic arts, Museum, Documentation, Preservation of arts


Although there were some Islamic scholars before the arrival of Alfa Shehu Alimi, Islam in Ilorin became more prominent or pronounced with his coming. This article examines how the Islamic heritage of Ilorin and other parts of Nigeria can be preserved. It contends that such effort will involve the preservation of the Alfa Alimi's mosque and the setting up of a Museum of Islamic Arts in Ilorin, the first of its kind inx the country to house a religious legacy. This study also examines the strategic positioning of this museum in Ilorin. In doing this, it highlights its usefulness and recommends how important it is to preserve religious heritage by documenting same in all parts of the country for the purpose of further projecting the rich culture and history of Nigeria.

Keywords: Culture, Heritage, Islamic arts, Museum, Documentation, Preservation of arts


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eISSN: 2449-1179
print ISSN: 2006-1838