The 'folk-choral concept' of the music of Okechukwu Ndubuisi

  • A Oikhilome
Keywords: Folksongs, Stylistic features, Choral arrangement, Interculturation


Okechukwu Ndubuisi is a distinguished composer and arranger of vocal music in Nigeria. Even though he was an accomplished pianist, his major contribution in the field of Nigerian art music was in the choral medium. This work therefore examines the composer and his works in order to establish the contributions he has made towards the development of art music in Nigeria. The study also discusses the circumstances of Ndubuisi's life and the beliefs which shaped his composing career and his compositional style. It further examines the elements of style in his works and the stylistic features which constantly recurs in his works. This provides an appropriate context for understanding and appreciating the stylistic features of his choral arrangements.

Keywords: Folksongs, Stylistic features, Choral arrangement, Interculturation