A survey of students’ performance on the piano: a case study of the Department of Music, University of Port Harcourt

  • David Bolaji
Keywords: Percentage ratio, Piano, Female students, Principal instrument


Piano playing is one of the major courses under applied music studies in all departments of music in Nigeria. This course is compulsory for all the students either as a major or minor instrument as the case maybe. However, scholars have carried out different studies on the challenges of music students. However, The percentage ratio and performance of the female students on the piano in comparison to the percentage ratio of the male students have not received adequate attention. This paper therefore, examined the percentage ratio and the performances of female students on the piano using the department of music, University of Port Harcourt as a case study. Structured Purposive research sampling procedure was used to administer questionnaires to selected students from different levels in the music degree programme so as to ascertain the problem(s) that affects the percentage ratio difference between the male and female students on piano. In addition, interview method was also employed. Findings revealed that most female students have a wrong misconception about piano by seeing it as a difficult instrument to learn, while some also sees piano as instrument made for the male students only. Furthermore, lack of interest, laziness, and inadequate time for practice and, the unavailability of pianos also stand as major challenges generally to the learning of the instrument.

Keywords: Percentage ratio, Piano, Female students, Principal instrument


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eISSN: 2449-1179
print ISSN: 2006-1838