Television as a tool for promoting Nigerian culture

  • Mari Ogbemudia James
Keywords: Television, Cultural preservation, National identity, Global village, Nigeria


The need for cultural preservation and cultural identity among nations has become an important consideration in this age of globalization. Today, the world has not only become a global village, but a global bedroom. With the tremendous development of the communication and information sectors, particular attention has been paid in recent years to the need for cultural diversity in the media as a way of preserving and promoting cultures. It is, therefore, imperative for a people to have some certain characteristic features that can easily distinguish them from others. There is no doubting the fact that the mass media is responsible for the dissemination of values, ideas, and developmental information in many ways and this goes a long way in elevating cultures and cultural identity. The way and manner the morals and cultures of the typical Nigerian community is promoted depend solely on its mass media. This article, therefore, focused on the television as a mass medium with a view to examining its role and effectiveness in promoting Nigerian indigenous culture, as well as its continued relevance to the preservation and sustenance of Nigeria’s cultural identity.

Keywords: Television, Cultural preservation, National identity, Global village, Nigeria


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