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Technical Theatre Practice in Nigerian University Theatres

Chijioke Yankson Iyamah, Oghenemudiaga Praise Akpughe


Technical theatre development is a visible feature of most university theatres in Nigeria. It is a science related and technical oriented area of specialization in theatre arts education that has suffered strangulated development and continuous decline of student's interest due to certain militating factors that also affect the general taste of the theatre arts discipline. This problem has for some time now engaged serious attention from technical theatre scholars and key players of theatre education in the country in a view of transforming the situation in line with acceptable standards. This study therefore exposes the deplorable state of technical theatre practice in Nigeria with regards to equipment and human resources available to students in assuring quality training in select Nigerian University theatres. The study utilizes the literary and sociological methodologies. Strategies and recommendation are proposed on how theatre students could be encouraged to show greater participation and interest in technical theatre. The study concludes that to guarantee the quality assurance of technical theatre graduates in Nigeria, adequate modern equipment and technical human resources must be provided in our university theatres.

Keywords: Technology, Technical theatre, Scene design, Scene shop, University theatres 

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