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Sources of Support

Science College is responsible for assigning human, financial and other resources required for running the journal. The office of vice president for Research and Community Services also supports and oversees the journal.

Peer Review

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editorial Assistant/Editor-in-Chief through e-mail. The Editorial Assistant/Editor-in-Chief acknowledges the corresponding author upon receiving the manuscript. A manuscript ID will be assigned to each submitted manuscript and this will be used in all correspondence regarding the manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief assigns the manuscript to Associate Editors.

The Associate Editors perform preliminary screening to check for compliance, aims and scope, styles of the journal, plagiarism issues, the suitability of the manuscript for publication in EJST and could reject it on grounds of scientific contribution. He/she may send back the manuscript to the author for resubmission. Then the manuscript is forwarded to three anonymous reviewers. Reviewers will be given two weeks for review if they do not respond in this time frame a
reminder is sent to them. If they do not reply, the manuscript is sent to other reviewers. The reviewers send their comments to the Associate Editor. Reviewers check not only technical matters but also plagiarism issues. Authors will be given up to one to two weeks to incorporate their comments and send the revised manuscript to the Associate Editor. If a manuscript returned to an author for revision is not resubmitted within two weeks, it will be considered rejected,
unless the author requests an extension for reasons beyond control.

The Associate Editors will check and evaluate whether the comments are incorporated or not and send the paper to the corresponding reviewers for confirmation, which the latter will check and give feedback to the Associate Editor.

Then if comments are incorporated the Associate Editor sends the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief. If the reviewers and the Associate Editors rejected the manuscript for vivid reasons, the Associate Editors send the manuscript and reviewers’ comments to the Editor-in-Chief. If two reviewers recommend acceptance, the paper is accepted directly. The paper will be rejected if only one of the three reviewers accepts it. If the reviewers recommend a manuscript for
publication without change and the Associate Editor agrees, the revised manuscript is sent to the Editor-in-Chief. The author of an accepted manuscript will be notified by the Editor-in-Chief/Associate Editor.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Scheduling

This journal is a triannual publication.


Organization of the Journal

The Ethiopian Journal of Science and Technology (EJST) is an official publication of the College of Science, Bahir Dar University. The editorial office of EJST is located in the main campus of Bahir Dar University. The journal has its own editorial team composed of the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Editorial Assistant and International Advisory Board. The roles and responsibilities of the editorial team are indicated in detail in the editorial and publication process. Science College is responsible for assigning human, financial and other resources required for running the journal. The office of vice president for Research and Community Services also supports and oversees the journal.


The Editor-in-Chief, assigned by the Academic Council of the Science of College, serves as chair of the editorial board, and is responsible for the overall management of the journal including the maintenance of the journal's content and quality. The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board develop procedures for manuscript submission, review and reviewer criteria, acceptance and publication of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief may delegate editorial roles to other members of the Editorial Board.  He/she develops, in consultation with other board members and the Advisory Board of EJST, systems to enhance the advancement of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief also handles, by presenting the matter to the Board through the Editorial assistant, the appeal procedure for manuscripts that are rejected. The Editor-in-Chief assigns appropriate Associate Editor for specific papers and also notifies the author when a manuscript is accepted or not for publication.

Associate Editors

The Associate Editors are assigned by the Academic Council of the Science College to specific research areas and are responsible for scientific and intellectual content of the journal in their fields. They are responsible for obtaining reviewers for manuscripts assigned to them. The Associate Editors review and evaluate the technical content of the manuscript and its suitability for publication in the journal and recommend to the Editor-in-Chief the course of action that should be taken regarding a manuscript submitted to the journal.

Editorial Assistant

The Editorial Assistant is responsible for receiving manuscripts, replying to authors on the status of the manuscripts, following up of review and publication processes, following up publication production process, promoting and marketing of the journal. He/ she also prepares budget and submit it to the Editorial Board for approval.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2312-6019
print ISSN: 1816-3378