Material waste minimization techniques in building construction projects

  • Shitaw Tafesse Dilla University, Engineering and Technology College, Department of Construction Technology and Management, Dilla, PO Box 419, Ethiopia
Keywords: Building construction, Construction material, Material wastes, Waste minimization


In Ethiopia, the rapid expansion of the construction sector has resulted in the wastage of construction materials that negatively affect the environment, society, and the economy. The reason is inefficient waste management strategies practiced in construction projects. Hence, an adequate material waste management strategy is required. This study was an attempt to identify the key techniques that can help to minimize material wastage in building construction projects. Questionnaire surveys, interviews, and reviews of previous studies and related literature were employed in gathering the relevant data. Seventy of 85 questionnaires administered and distributed to contractors, consultants, and clients were returned. These data were analyzed using the relative importance index method. The results indicated that employing waste management officers for this purpose, using prefabricated or off-site production of components, appropriate on-site waste management, and incorporating a policy of material waste minimization plan were identified as key measures to minimize construction material wastes.


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eISSN: 2312-6019
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