In Vivo Antimalarial Activity of the Hydroalcoholic Extract of the Rhizomes of Kniphofia insignis Rendle and Isolation of Knipholone

  • Yonatan Alebachew
  • Daniel Bisrat
  • Kaleab Asres
  • Solomon Tadesse
Keywords: knipholone, Kniphofia insignis, in vivo antimalarial activity, Peter’s test, Plasmodium berghei


The present study isolated and characterized knipholone from the active 80% methanol rhizome extract of a traditionally used endemic antimalarial plant of Ethiopia, Kniphofia insignis Rendle, using preparative thin-layer chromatography for the first time. The chemical structure of the compound was elucidated on the basis spectroscopic data and in comparison with previously reported results. The standard 4-day suppressive test against Plasmodium berghei infected Swiss albino mice was used for the in vivo antimalarial assay of the extract. At all tested doses, the extract showed significant inhibition of parasitaemia. In particular, the extract demonstrated  chemosuppression values of 24.35 and 43.87% at 200 and 400 mg/kg, respectively. Results of the current study revealed that the extract of the plant has moderate in vivo antimalarial effect against P. berghei in mice.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1029-5933