A Review on Required Catalysts Composition and its Effective Preparation Method for Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil

  • Murtala M. Ambursa
  • Abubakar U. Birnin-Yauri
  • Yakubu Yahya
  • Ibrahim G. Wawata
  • Abbas B. Yusuf


The hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil performance is dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness of the applied catalyst. The effectiveness of a catalyst in hydrodeoxygenation reaction heavily depends on its composition. In this review, an overview of hydrodeoxygenation catalyst composition and its effective preparation methods are highlighted and discussed. Various catalyst compositions such active metals,  promoters, and catalyst supports used for hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil to saturated hydrocarbon fuels are discussed. Furthermore,  effective synthesis methods for nickel-based catalysts as well as factors that can enhance better distribution and dispersion of active nickel species over catalyst support at various developmental stages, i.e. during deposition, drying and activation (which involve calcination and reduction of catalysts synthesis) are discussed.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2682-5961
print ISSN: 2354-1814