Case Study: Match between School Furniture dimensions and Pupils’ anthropometric Characteristics in South-Western Nigeria

  • AO Oke
  • KO Oladejo
  • SK Fasogbon
Keywords: Anthropometry, anthropology, furniture dimension, measurement


The design of tools, equipment, machines, furniture, clothing and facility layout depends on the principles of anthropometry. This is to reduce accident and overuse syndromes in order to promote productivity as well as safety and wellbeing. Meanwhile the anthropometry data are not readily available. This study examined the suitability of school furniture to the anthropometric characteristics of primary school pupils in selected schools in the South-Western Nigeria. Eight hundred and sixty four (864) children, between the ages 5-11 years of age were divided into 3 groups on the basis of the furniture size being used. Their anthropometry was carried out, and data obtained were related to the furniture dimensions while the match percentages were computed. The results revealed a low percentage of match between the furniture dimensions (seat height 31.2%, seat depth 29.0%, desk height 22.1% and underneath desk height 30.7%) and the anthropometry data. Based on this, it is recommended that pupils should be given the chance to choose the furniture that fits their body size among different sizes of furniture.

Keywords: Anthropometry, anthropology, furniture dimension, measurement.


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print ISSN: 1010-2728