Freedom of Information, Records Management and Good Governance. Any Symbolic Relationship?

  • Peter Mazebe II Mothataesi Sebina School of Library, Archive and Information Studies and University College London
Keywords: Records Management, Good Governance


Governments around the world are often praised for good or rebuked for bad governance. This paper argues that good governance is predicated on the adoption of functional records management and the enactment of Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation by governments. Records that are accumulated and used by government are reflective of the activities undertaken and the processes that have or are being initiated on behalf of the public. Management of these records enables government to operate in a transparent fashion and be able to account to the public who brought it to power. Promulgation of FOI by government is an assurance to the public that it is transparent and accountable. Existence of proper management of government records backed by FOI is an assurance that governance is carried out to reflect and protect the will of the public. FOI and records management are guarantees of good governance.

ESARBICA Journal Vol.23 2004: 45-50

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eISSN: 0376-4753