ESARBICA Journal: Journal of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives

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As Inundações e Memória Social: Algumas Medidas De Prevenção e Controlo da Biodegradação Dos Documentos e Arquivos (Floods and Social Memory: Some Measures for the Protection and Control of Biodegradation in Records and Archives)

Cristina Manguele


This paper is written in Portuguese. It identifies common problems related to preventing and dealing with disasters in underdeveloped countries in tropical climates. Professional and trained staff are key to dealing with disasters, such as the effects of floods (moisture, water infiltration and biodegradations) caused by nature and human action. The paper contributes some strategies that could be used to fight the consequences of disasters threatening governmental and photographic records, microfilms and films. It is the opinion of the writer that every small action in this area is important, if done in scientific ways.

ESARBICA Journal Vol.23 2004: 93-105

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