Understanding the basics of audiovisual archiving in Africa and the developing world: Challenges for the archive lagging behind

  • V Matangira
Keywords: Audiovisual archives, Audiovisual preservation, Digitization, Format progression


The division between the two worlds (the developed and the
developing world) has not spared the process of audiovisual archiving
and the gap is widening bringing in a lot of challenges to Africa as part of the developing world. While the developed world is today concerned about digital technology and web-based information management, which has taken the world by storm, Africa still has to define basic principles as well as putting up structures for audiovisual archiving. In the developed world, the cultural value of the audiovisual media gained legitimacy and widening acceptance after World War II, and this is what Africa still requires. There are a lot of problems in Africa, and because of this, activities such as preservation of a historical record, especially in the audiovisual media are seen as a luxury or a part-time endeavour. Yet time is moving and history
making does not stop or wait for things to be alright for it to be made
and preserved. Hence, it is important that these issues are talked
about since we are already lagging behind. The article looks at the
issues of understanding the basic principles that need to be acquired
for any effective audiovisual archiving process; the philosophies
entailed with it; as well as the ethics and basic appreciation of these,
together with individual and institutional commitment.

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eISSN: 0376-4753