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Management of E-records at Moi University Eldoret, Kenya

AP Nasieku, H Kemoni, J Otike


The article discusses the findings of a study that was carried out to investigate the management of electronic records (e-records) at Moi University. The aim of the study was to investigate the management of e-records within the context of the records continuum principle with a view to recommending a framework that can be used to manage e-records. The sampling frame consisted of 60 respondents drawn from Moi University main campus, Chepkoilel campus and Town campuses. Purposive sampling  technique was used to select respondents from Moi University management, ICT, general administration, records/accounts and secretarial staff. Data was collected using semi-structured interview schedules supplemented by observation. The study results revealed that despite Moi University embracing the use of computers as a critical tool for information management and communication in support of its business transactions, the management of e-records remained a neglected area of the university record keeping system. Factors contributing to this were found to include lack of policies and procedures to guide the management of e-records and lack of knowledge and skills in records management and in particular e-records management. The authors‟ recommendations include equipping staff and especially those responsible for managing e-records with knowledge and skills in records management and in particular e-records management, staff and users be equipped with ICT skills to enable them to work in an electronic environment and the university should raise awareness amongst staff on the importance of managing e-records.

Keywords: E-records; E-Records Management; Moi University; Records Management

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