Users’ Satisfaction of Facilities in Mowe Market along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

  • A Alade
  • R Unuigboje
  • A Olufadeju
  • E. T Umaru
Keywords: Mowe, Market, Users, Satisfaction, Facilities


User requirements are a basic principle in the planning and design of urban facilities. They strongly relate to the users' satisfaction, particularly with traditional markets and modern shopping facilities. The study examines the users' (buyers and sellers) satisfaction with facilities in the Mowe market along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The sampling frame for the buyers (1392) and sellers (754) emanated from market management. The sample size emerged from a 10% sample of the buyers and sellers, utilising a simple random sampling technique to collect data from (n=145) respondents using a structured questionnaire. The study utilised a 5-point Likert summation scale and multiple linear regression for data analysis. Findings reveal that 59% of the respondents are between 30-49 years, 36.3% have attained secondary education, and 71.9% are employed and largely in the informal sector. The Likert scale of satisfaction reveals that the buyers are moderately satisfied with safety and security (2.83), firefighting (2.80) and spaces for buying and selling (2.73) and these are the least three factors in that category. In contrast, the sellers are dissatisfied with the condition of the shops and stalls (2.48), cleanliness (2.33) and noise levels (2.02). Inferential evidence reveals that both age (t= - 2.706; β = -0.091, sig = 0.008 < 0.05) and level of education (t= -0.698; β = -0.028, sig = 0. 486 > 0.05) have negative prediction for satisfaction. The study concludes that apart from the general market condition, safety and security is the most critical factor to consider in the management plan for the Mowe market. The study recommends a regeneration plan towards improving the general conditions of the market to enhance users' satisfaction.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2705-3636
print ISSN: 2006-0459