Distribution of E. coli biotypes shed by dairy calves in selected dairy farms in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

  • Aragaw Ebabu Akane
  • Tesfaye Sisay Tessema
  • Destaw Asfaw Ali
Keywords: Biotype; Calf diarrhea; Escherichia coli; Ethiopia, Risk factors


A longitudinal study was undertaken to investigate E. coli using standard biochemical and sugar fermentation tests. Faecal samples were taken from calves purposively from three selected dairy farms in Bishoftu Ethiopia. Four different sampling times were used to observe the detection rate of E. coli. The overall detection of E. coli was 84/104 (80.70%). The detection of E. coli isolates in different sampling points ranged from 16.34% to 25.00% in which the occurrence of E.coli has a significant association. All E. coli isolated showed different sugar fermentation patterns. E. coli was biotyped into 14 biotypes and variation occurred for samples taken during the first to fourth sampling points, the pattern ranging from 20.20% to 31.00%. Among 14 biotypes, biotypes VI and III dominate with 55.95% and 16.67% respectively. E. coli biotype (predominantly group VI) distribution concerning sampling time points have a significant association (p=0.039).Diverse natures and variations of E. coli were observed in calves with different sampling points as the main determinant. Farm management practice could reduce the occurrence of the pathogen in farm animals, particularly neonatal calves.

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eISSN: 2221-5034
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