Prospective authors are to submit three copies of their articles following the structure below:

Title: A brief and short title followed by the name(s) of author(s) and addresses. Author for correspondences should be asterisked.

Abstract: There should be an informative abstract describing the work done, the methods employed, the major findings and implications. The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Introduction: This should contain a clear background of the subject matter and the study objectives.

Methodology: The materials used and the methods employed in the work should be stated in a very precise term.

Results and Discussions: Here the authors are expected to demonstrated ability to utilise data and synthesize ideas and results in a form of discussion to reveal their findings.

Conclusions and Recommendations: A brief summary of the major findings or conclusions drawn from the study should be given. In addition, the policy implications and/or recommendations from the findings should be stated.

References: References should follow the Harvard Style (i.e. Surname of the author and year of publication). Where there are two authors, both surnames should be used, but where there are three or more authors, the surname of the first may be used followed by et. al. However, the names of all authors must be used in the reference list.

Reference list shall contain the list of all the authors cited in an alphabetical order.

For Books: Surname, Initials, Year, Book Title, Place, Publishers, Pages e.g.
Ayoade, J.O. (1988). Tropical Hydrology and Water Resources. London: Macmillan. 245pp.

For Articles in Journals: Surname, Initials, Year, Title of the article, Journal where it is published, Vol. (No.) and Pages e.g.

Galtima, M. (2002). Estimating disaggregate trip generation and attraction in Maiduguri Metropolis. Annals of Borno. Vol. 17&18, pp.86-100.

For edited Books: Surname, Initials, Year, Article Title, In Surname(s) & List of the Editors (ed/eds), Book title, Place & Publishers e.g.

Sahabo, A.A. (1999). Traditional Industries. In Adebayo, A.A. and Tukur, A.L. (eds) Adamawa State in Maps. Yola, Paraclete Publishers pp.52-54.

The Journal also accepts review papers and short communications.

Refereeing: All papers submitted for publication will be refereed by two or more experts in area appropriate to the subject matter of the paper.

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts: Please include a processing fee of N4,000 with three hard copies.

Arrangement of Papers: Papers should be arranged as follows:

a. Title, author(s), affiliation(s) and full address (es).

b. 250-word abstract outlining the purpose, scope and conclusions of the paper. The abstract should also explain why the paper is important, particularly to those who may not necessarily be in that field.

c. The text, suitably divided into appropriate sections/headings.

d. Acknowledgements (if any)

e. References

Units Symbols and Abbreviations: Only the SI units as defined by the ISO Standard would be accepted. If you use any symbol or unit that may not be generally recognised, please put an explanatory note in the margin the first time it is used. Abbreviations should be written in full at first mention.

Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper (with Arabic numerals) referring to them in the text as Table 1, Table 2, etc., with a caption at the top of each table. Avoid the use of vertical rules. Tables should not duplicate results presented in graphs.

Illustrations: Illustrations in the form of maps, diagrams and graphs/charts should be drawn on transparent sheets not larger than A4-size sheets with margins as for the text. They should also be sequentially numbered and given brief titles which should be written below the illustrations.

Final Submission: Final submissions are to be returned to the Editor-in-Chief and should include the paper assessed, the revised version of the paper as amended, an electronic version of the final accepted paper on-line to journal e-mail address and page charge of ten thousand naira (N10,000) only. This is subject to review. All payments should be made either in cash or directly to the journal bank account with the following information:

Account Name: Journal of the Environment
Account Number: 2010020837
Bank: First Bank Plc, Yola Market Branch

All correspondence to:

The Editor-in-Chief
FUTY Journal of the Environment
School of Environmental Sciences
Modibbo Adama University of Technology
P.M.B. 2076
Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348036024828 or +2348141999028

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