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Creation of a Cell-Based Digital Cadastral Mapping System (Digital Cadastre): A Case Study of Goshen Beach Estate, Lekki Peninsula, Victoria Island

JO Olusina, JB Olaleye, AS Alademomi, TI Ojie


The analogue ways of land administration over the years in developing countries have brought retrogression to land development and its sustainability as a limited natural resource. The use of pencil and papers in land management is outdated and has reduced efficiency. Fast delivery of land related products from government authorities and the private sector takes weeks or months. The need for transformation from analogue approach (traditional cadastre) into the digital technology era (digital cadastre) in order to derive the seemingly unlimited benefits is pertinent. Digital cadastre enhances land transaction activities to be conducted in a business manner. Similarly, land subdivision or boundary redefinition, land registration and land marketing are achieved with better accuracy. This paper discusses the need to introduce a national Cell-Based Digital Cadastral Mapping System model (DCMS) that spans from the federal level down to the states, local governments and the private enterprises such as estate surveying firms. That is, from geodetic accuracy to tertiary (micro) accuracy in order to achieve a seamless nationwide digital cadastre coverage. At the micro level of creating DCMS, Goshen Beach Estate in Lekki Peninsula was used as a case study. The use of Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) and Spatial Indexing were discussed. Quasi-Land analysis was carried out. From this study, it was discovered that productivity and delivery of land information are enhanced; opportunity of multiple users guides against data and resources duplication; and legal, technical (organizational and technological) and financial issues are better tracked and tackled using DCMS.

Keywords: Cadastral, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Multipurpose Cadastre, Parcel, Topographic Maps
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