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SCOPE OF THE JOURNAL The African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security publishes a wide range of contributions-review articles, original research, technology innovations, market updates, book reviews, calendar of events and letters to the editor-concerning the entire food chain, from production, processing, to the market and household, in respect of the policy environment, R&D, agro-business, agro-industry, health industry, and consumer. All contributions are assessed by international authorities prior to approval for publication. Nonetheless, the final decision rests with the Editor-in-Chief. Copyright for material accepted for publication will transfer to the publisher. AUTHORSHIP The responsibilities of the authors when submitting a contribution to The African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security are to ensure that the work is original, that it has not been submitted to another journal or publisher and that it has been approved for submission to this Journal by all its authors and the host institution(s) of the authors. It is, further, the responsibility of the authors to obtain copyright permission to reproduce tables or figures first published elsewhere and to ensure the accuracy of all references. Where there are several authors for a manuscript, the leading author, to whom all correspondence will be sent, should be clearly identified. MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION Manuscripts should be typewritten or computer processed on A4 size plain white paper, double-spaced throughout, with wide margins all round and free of errors. Complex mathematical equations must be hand-written for clarity when typesetting. The format of the research articles should take the following order: title page, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, and References. The Journal accepts two copies of the manuscript, together with a diskette clearly marked in pencil the title of the contribution, the author(s) and stating the word processor programme and system used. Illustrations should be black-and-white. If colour is necessary, the cost of colour separation and production shall be charged to the author. Figures, which must be cited in the text, must be numbered on the reverse in pencil with the author's name, a shortened title, and the top indicated. Lettering on the figures must be sharp and dark enough to withstand reduction. Legends to figures should be typed on a separate page. The Editor reserves the right to redraw figures if the quality is not up to the Journal's standards. Tables should be labelled at the top with a number and title. Units of measurement should be metric. Tables must be cited in the text, and present material which is not included in the text. Only standard abbreviations should be used. Unusual ones should be spelled out initially in full, with the abbreviation in parenthesis. References to articles or books that have been published, or that are in 'in press', may be included in the List of References. Papers presented at conferences, symposia, or workshops may not be listed. References may be cited in the text by author and date, or may be referenced by a superscript number referring to the List of References. The Journal is intended to have the following sections in each annual volume: Editorial, or Guest Editorial Research Articles, which should preferably be from 3,000 to 4,500 words, should have an abstract of not more than 150 words, and should have not more than 10 keywords Review Articles, which should preferably be from 3,000 to 6,000 words, should have an abstract and key words as for the Research Articles Letters and Viewpoints, on food and nutritional matters of great concern to the community, the nation, or to the continent of Africa Technological Innovativations and Products, developed in or relevant to Africa Market Updates on food commodities, future markets, and foreign trade in food and food supplements Book Reviews Calendar of Events. Page proofs will normally be sent to the author for correction, if time permits. Failure to comply with the deadline may mean inadvertent errors in the published article. ORDER FOR REPRINTS The publishers provide 4 copies of the Journal issue in which the author's (or senior author's) research or review article appears. Authors may order reprints of their particular article (or other contributions), or extra copies of the entire issue. Rates for ordering reprints or additional copies of an entire issue, are provided with page proofs. COORDINATES FOR COMMUNICATION Manuscripts and page proofs should be addressed to the following: The Editor-in-Chief The African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security P. O. Box 39624 Nairobi, Kenya

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