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The Ontological Status of Yahweh and the Existence of the Thing we call God

Lerato Likopo Mokoena


The essence of deities has captured our imaginations for as long as we can remember. Does a God exist, or is the divine entity just a figment of our  dreams, a projection? Is God what Aribiah Attoe calls a “regressively eternal and material entity” or what Gericke calls “a character of fiction with no  counterpart outside the worlds of text and imagination”? This paper aims to wrestle with those questions from a theological perspective and to look at  the ontological status of Yahweh and how that worldview lends itself to African Traditional Religions in conversation with Attoe's method of inquiry from  the perspective of African Metaphysics. This paper aims to be a part of the larger project undertaken by the author, showing that philosophy can and  should be an auxiliary discipline in Old Testament Studies as it has been seen, both fields have ways of similar arguing and coming to the same  conclusions. This paper is intended to be an interlocutory exercise or experiment and does not seek to validate any hypothesis about either view.