Gender and Behaviour

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Does gender activism aggravate the superiority of one gender over the other?

Ngwako Solomon Modiba


The paper critiques why the bulk of males, do struggle to acknowledge and accept the capabilities of people of different gender. The paper is both conceptual and empirical in nature. Document study and interviewing techniques were used to collect data from three selected males and three selected females. Research findings reveal that firstly, failure to value and embrace diversity by males, perpetuate gender discrimination. Secondly, stereotyping characterising some males, sustains them in doubting the capabilities of people of different gender. Thirdly, inappropriate socialisation of the male folk is behind their inability to bracket their biases and prejudices when interacting with the female folk. As part of the conclusion, the researcher recommends for the good management of one’s baggage as regards failure to value and embrace diversity. In addition, the researcher recommends that better management of stereotyping, has to be a priority to assist the male-folk to engage differently with the woman-folk. Lastly, the researcher recommends for the appropriate re-socialisation of males to empower them to co-exist peacefully with other genders.

Keywords: Context, Culture, Structures, Systems

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