Revenues and taxes from sex work: a critical pespective

  • Mosima M. David
  • Kola O. Odeku
Keywords: Sex work, Decriminalisation, Revenues, Taxes, Development


Sex work is one of the oldest professions in the world. Thought there is a high demand for the services of sex workers in South Africa, prostitution is illegal and the state spends millions of rand chasing and arresting sex workers instead of legalizing it so that it can be a legitimate work where millions of rand could be earned by the government as taxes. This paper looks at then how revenue can be earned from sex work phenomenon instead of allowing sex workers to continue to trade and thrive and yet do not contribute to the government revenue as tax. This paper highlights the need for the decriminalization in order to pave the legal way for earning revenue from the trade. The socio-economic and health benefits as well are highlighted. The judiciary perception on prostitution and what should be done in terms of decriminalizing and recognition was well articulated. The benefits of decriminalizing in order to generate revenue was also properly articulated.

Keywords: Sex work, Decriminalisation, Revenues, Taxes, Development


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eISSN: 1596-9231