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Moderating role of gender on genetics knowledge

Adebayo O. Adejumo
Olufunke M. Olaoye


The moderating role of gender on genetics knowledge and perceived need for genetic counseling on attitude to genetic counseling was examined. Three hundred and thirty-one purposively-selected SCD patients were included in the cross-sectional survey. A 45-item questionnaire for measuring Genetics Knowledge; Attitude to Genetic-Counseling; and Perceived Need for Genetic-Counseling was used. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed in analysis, with four hypotheses tested at p<0.05. Knowledge of genetics and perceived need for genetic counseling jointly and independently predicted attitude to genetic counseling. Gender did not moderate the influence of perceived need for counseling, nor the influence of knowledge of genetics on attitude to genetic counseling. These factors are pertinent in forecasting attitude to genetic counseling among SCD patients. Improving SCD patients' attitudes to genetic counseling encourages their uptake of genetic counseling services, especially in this population.

Keywords: Attitude to genetic counseling, perceived need for genetic counseling, knowledge of genetics, Sickle cell disease