Analysis of socio-cultural impacts of women representation in African political leadership

  • Andrew Osehi Enaifoghe
  • Nthabiseng Khoalenyane
Keywords: Discrimination, Leadership, Socio-cultural, African Values, Phenomenon, African Politics


Political initiative and leadership is an idea vital to understanding political procedures and outcomes, yet its definition is tricky. The discrimination of African women in political leadership has become a phenomenon which excludes majority of women from leadership position in the African political framework. This training and orientation is a misuse of the human resources. This study looked at the factors responsible for the inadequate representation of women in the African political leadership, which are directly viewed to be associated with gender complexity because women are seen as inferior to men in the patriarchal African society. Its underlying foundations are found in the past socio-political, socio-economic, and socio-cultural cases which have guaranteed the subjugation, oppression and domination of women by men, while maintaining and respecting African culture and its societal values, this training and orientation become a misuse of the human resources. Women's significant rejection from political structures and procedures is the aftereffect of various structures. Findings showed diverse unintended mechanisms, as this study uncovered that political participation would enable women to address their fundamental issues and needs which guarantees the receptiveness of women, responsibility, political duty, authority, and responsiveness in African political economy. Using the theory of gender mainstreaming, helps to understand the factors responsible for the low representation of women in African political leadership and put things in right perspectives on how African women in bridging the male gap. It recommends that women's equivalent participation in basic leadership and legislative issues isn't just an interest for basic equity or vote based system, yet a vital pre-condition for women's interests to be considered.

Keywords: Discrimination, Leadership, Socio-cultural, African Values, Phenomenon, African Politics


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eISSN: 1596-9231