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Impact of investment in human capital for sustainable income-generating projects: poverty alleviation – a social work perspective

T.V. Baloyi


It is believed that investing in human capital helps to increase economic growth and alleviate poverty. Alleviation of rural poverty has been one of the priority areas of successive post-apartheid South Africa governments. The new democratically elected government led by the African National Congress inherited a country with a wealth distribution that ranked among the most unequal in the world. The main purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of investing in human capital to ensure sustainability of income-generating projects in poverty alleviation. This research used a qualitative approach, an exploratory research design non-probability sampling was used, specifically, purposive sampling. The study used a focus group interview and in-depth interviews to collect data. The interview data was analysed through thematic analysis. The study found that vocational training within the projects was significant, and the project members received the following training: bookkeeping; financial management; marketing; production; project management; and basic training. The study concluded that it is through proper training that project members are able to sustain their projects. The following recommendations were made for project sustainability: monitoring and evaluating the income-generating projects; continuous training of project members by government to enhance economic growth; encouraging social capital for income-generating projects; and establishing accountability.

Keywords: poverty alleviation, human capital, sustainability, income-generating projects

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