Gender and Behaviour

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Life satisfaction: the influence of marital status and gender

Z Dickason (Koekemoer)


The influence of demographic variables on satisfaction with life can influence the investment decisions of investors. The deviation between expected and actual investment decisions can be due to the influence of life satisfaction. The aim of this study is to determine the satisfaction with life of South African investors in terms of their gender and marital status. Life satisfaction of investors can be positive as more pleasant emotions are experienced compared to unpleasant emotions. Results from this study indicate that female investors are less satisfied with their life than male investors. Moreover, married investors also displayed a positive life satisfaction compared to never married investors and no longer investors. It can be concluded that investors with a negative life satisfaction are more known to make pessimistic investment decisions whereas investors with a positive life satisfaction make more optimistic investment decisions.

Keywords: life satisfaction, male investors, female investors, South Africa, marital status

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