Gender and Behaviour

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Impact of victim empowerment programme on the lives if victims of gender-based violence: Social work services

Goitseone Emelda Leburu-Masigo, Nopasika Fidelia Maforah, Nkuke Evans Mohlatlole


A growing body of literature has documented the global prevalence of GBV among women. However, there is a dearth of research on empowerment interventions within the social work profession to guide programme planning, implementation and policy-making efforts. Empowerment is essential for assisting victims of GBV, without it, the interventions and services will not yield inclusive and positive results. This article examines the impact of social work services and interventions within the Victim Empowerment Programme for working with victims and survivors of GBV using the sequential mixed methods research design. Incorporating empowerment approaches in practice will provide social workers with knowledge, values, and skills to promote social justice.

Keywords: Impact, victim, empowerment, victim empowerment, social work

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