Gender and Behaviour

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The United Nations and the struggle for gender equality in global politics: Challenges and prospect

Nelson Goldpin Obah-Akpowoghaha, Victor Ojakorotu


In recent times the United Nations (UN) has decried over the widening gap on gender equality in member states. This was evident during the 2019 UN Women's Day speech given by the President, Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa who lamented bitterly that the organisation is losing the struggle for gender equality. Other members of the assembly stressed the need for inclusiveness of women in all sectors in order to intensify development. However, the thrust of this paper is to identify challenges of UN in her struggle for gender equality in global politics, prospects and proffer policies for better inclusiveness of women in the member countries. Secondary data and content analysis were adopted to unravel the aforementioned challenges in the subject matter. This piece identified that cultural and traditional values of individual countries have stymied UN efforts on gender equality. Hence, there is a need for rigorous sensitisation and more investment towards member states on what constitute or opposes gender equality from UN.

Keywords: United Nations, Women, Gender Equality, Global Politics.

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