Gender and Behaviour

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Female Youths in Science and Technology in Nigeria: Undoing Unrecognition through Public Policy

Bamidele Olajide, Ruth Ooreofe Ogunnowo, Victor Ojakorotu


The political economy of modern development is anchored on innovations and inventions in science and technology. As a result of this, Nigeria is seeking to leverage on these important fields in her quest for development. In doing this, every demographic group needs to be carried along. However, almost half of the population, and especially the females are unrecognized and underrepresented in the advancement of science and technological. This has been blamed on factors such as; cultural encumbrances, poor disposition of female students to science, poor funding, among others in several literatures. Nonetheless, this paper argued that the problem lies with weak policies on science and technology, education and their lack of synergy with policies such as those on youth and gender. Hence, these policies need to be revisited and amended for its overly procedural tone, while adopting some distributive fervour to aid the recognition of female youths.

Keywords: Female Youth, Science, Technology, Unrecognition, Development, Nigeria

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