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Challenges in strategy implementation processes in South African municipalities: A service delivery perspective

P.C. Enwereji, D.E. Uwizeyimana


This study investigates the possible factors that frustrate strategy implementation processes in local municipalities of South Africa in their bid to achieve equitable service delivery to residents. The contingency theory of leadership underpinned this study, which emphasises the need for managers to use diverse measures to resolve issues that may hinder strategy implementation. This study adopted a qualitative study, with 150 participants being involved in a focus group interview. Data were analysed using Atlas.ti (version 8.0). The results indicate that municipalities struggle to implement their stipulated strategies due to factors such as resource barriers, issues with organisational leadership, technological barriers, culture-strategy conflicts, and councillor oversights. The study recommends that municipalities should allocate adequate funding to facilitate specific projects throughout the implementation process and position competent employees to enhance strategy implementation. It is further recommended that infrastructural facilities should be upgraded to facilitate service provision, culture-strategy conflict should be reconciled by understanding different cultural imperatives before strategy implementation, and collaborating with ward councillors to facilitate their representative duties effectively. This is in an endeavour to enhance strategy implementation to achieve equitable service delivery to all residents in South Africa.

Keywords: Strategic management; Strategy implementation; Local municipalities; Municipal role players; Service delivery

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