Monitoring and evaluation of implemented gender policies in universities: towards a critical mass of females in leadership positions in Zimbabwean Universities

  • B.B. Chitsamatanga
  • S. Rembe
  • N.S. Rembe
Keywords: Evaluation, Females Academics, Leadership, Monitoring, Policies, Universities


Using a sample size of 21 purposively selected participants the study made use of semi structured interviews and focus group interviews as data collection techniques. The results of the study revealed that in both universities no formalized nor systematic monitoring and evaluation had been conducted. Lack of transparency and accountability in monitoring and evaluation and failure to have gender audit were cited as factors that inhibited significant changes towards critical mass of female academics in positions of leadership. Emerging recommendations were that there should be formalized monitoring and evaluation and that both universities should have a monitoring and evaluation framework, this will assist them to tap into the research of female empowerment and gender equality. There must be gender audit to assist universities to see if the critical mass of females is being attained. Lastly, it is recommended that both universities must inject adequate resources particularly through gender technocrats.

Key words: Evaluation, Females Academics, Leadership, Monitoring, Policies, Universities


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eISSN: 1596-9231