Gender contexts of job performance among employees of foreign cuisine restaurants in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria

  • Samuel Ayodeji Omolawal
Keywords: Gender, performance, cuisine restaurant, employees, sex


This study investigated Gender Contexts of Job Performance among Employees of Foreign Cuisine Restaurants in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria. Using Cochran’s 1967 formula, a total of 310 employees were randomly selected from the foreign cuisine restaurants in purposively  selected locations in the city. The instrument of data collection was a structured Questionnaire and primary data collected were analysed using statistical techniques which included table of percentages, T-test, and Chi-square. Findings from the study showed that despite the domination of female in almost all the job positions in the restaurants, there was no significant difference in the performance of both male and female (4.804 with the corresponding p (.091) > .05 alpha level). Furthermore, the performance of the female Igbo workers was found to be higher than that of their
Yoruba counterparts while that  of the Yoruba males was better than their Igbo counterparts. Single ladies were also found to be better off in terms of performance than married ladies while Christian workers also outperformed their Muslim counterparts (22.434 and p (.000) < .05). The study concludes that the sex of workers is not a major determinant of their performance at work but other related gender issues could be important factors in the determination of the performance of employees in the workplace.

Key words: Gender, performance, cuisine restaurant, employees, sex


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eISSN: 1596-9231