Appraisal system: An eefective tool for measuring workers’ performance in slected organisations in Nigeria

  • Kolawole Taiwo Olabode
  • Akindola B. Rufus
Keywords: Performance Appraisal, workers performance, organizational performance, Goals, Employee


The survey focuses on the use of performance appraisal (PA) in most organisations in Nigeria. The study exposes the way and manner performance appraisal operates and handle for retention and promotion of workers in Nigeria. Also, the effects of performance appraisal on employees and the workplace at large were measured as well as the attendant effects of PA in organisations in Nigeria were recorded. The research used exploratory design and purposively selected two organizations for this study which are National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) and National Engineering and Technical Company (NETCO) in Lagos State. Thus, 25% of the total workers (620) were purposively sampled. That is, 129 workers (82.7%) in NQAPIMS and 27 workers (17.3%) in NETCO, totaling 156 workers were selected using stratified sampling technique. The study findings showed that employees have good knowledge of PA but their attitude towards it is not positive because of the way it is done/carried out in those organisations. It concluded that if all the stakes must benefit from PA, PA must be carried out without bias always caused demonstrated by the management from Abuja to appraise the staff in the companies. They already meet and conclude on the number of staff to benefit from the
exercise each year.

Key Words: Performance Appraisal, workers performance, organizational performance, Goals, Employee


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eISSN: 1596-9231