Gender and Behaviour

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Farming in the northern mountains of Pakistan: Role of women

M Ishaq, A Farooq


Women in the Northern Mountains of Pakistan are actively involved in sowing (except maize), weeding/hoeing, thinning, input transportation to the fields (except for wheat) and its application, irrigation, harvesting and grading (in case of potato). Beside these activities, women of the area are also involved in fruit plants management i.e., in weeds removal/hoeing, input transportation and its application, irrigation, picking, grading, drying (apricot, almond, walnut and mulberry), and cracking (walnut and almond). Women often devote more time to these tasks than men do and participate in all operations related to crop production in addition to their normal domestic chores of cooking, taking care of children, elderly and disabled, fetching water and fuel, cleaning and maintaining the house as well as some of its construction. In addition to their active involvement in various farm activities, women of the area also manage the livestock and actively involved in various activities regarding livestock raising.

Keywords: Mountains farming; participation; women farmers

Gender and Behaviour. Vol. 4 (2) 2006: pp. 904-915
AJOL African Journals Online