Gender and Behaviour

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Gender and Developmental Differences in Attitudes Toward Science Between Secondary School Year One Students and Year Three Students

F Mensah


This study aimed at investigating gender differences in attitudes toward science. It also attempted to study developmental differences in attitudes toward science between Junior Secondary School Year One (JSS1) and Junior Secondary School Year Three (JSS3) students. A stratified random sample (N=596) was obtained and studied using school and students' variables as independent ones, the attitudes to science as the dependent variable. T-test was employed in data analysis at .05 level of significance. The results reflected clearly that female students in both JSS 1 and JSS 3 expressed positive attitudes toward science. However, it was very clear that male students in both JSS 1and JSS 3 expressed higher positive attitudes toward science than females. Regarding whether there were developmental differences in attitudes toward science between JSS 1 and JSS 3 students, the finding indicated no significant differences. The fact that the females expressed positive attitudes toward science is an indication that when classroom environments are made conducive to both boys and girls, and girls are frequently exposed to women role models, more girls will take up to study science at the higher levels.

Gender and Behaviour Vol. 5 (2) 2007: pp. 1240-1247
AJOL African Journals Online