Gender and Behaviour

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Influence of Gender Differences on Shopping Orientation of Consumer in Ibadan Metropolis

F Ilevbare


The study set to investigate the influence of gender differences of consumers on shopping orientations in Ibadan metropolis. The research was a survey research, which adopted Ex-post facto design. A total number of three-hundred and two consumers were drawn as participants through accidental sampling technique for this study. The participants were made up of 180 (59.6%) males and 122(40.4%) females. Their age ranged between 20-42 years with a mean of 27.92 (SD = 31.86).
Three hypotheses were generated and sub-sequently tested using appropriate statistical tools. The outcome of the tested hypothesis revealed that sex differences of consumers was not found to significantly influence their shopping orientations (t (2, 300)) = 84; p > .05). Similarly, consumers ethnic group was not found to significantly influence their shopping orientation (F (3,301) = 2.479; P > .05). Finally, there was a significant joint prediction of age, ethnicity and educational qualification on consumers shopping orientations/decision making (F (3, 298) = 3.864, P < .05), independently, it was revealed that age was joint to significantly predict shopping orientation of consumers (B = -1.31, t = -2.093, P < .05).
The results were discussed adequately with reference to existing bodies of theories and relevant studies. Based on this outcome conclusion were drawn and recommendation were made.

Gender and Behaviour Vol. 5 (2) 2007: pp. 1279-1289
AJOL African Journals Online