Gender and Behaviour

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Time-Based Work Interference with Family and Emotional Exhaustion among Female Teachers

E Okonkwo


This study investigated the relationship between time-based work interference with family and emotional exhaustion among female teachers. 304 female secondary school teachers between the ages of 26 to 54 years (M= 40.37 and SD =4.09) with educational qualifications ranging from National Certification of Education to Masters of Education Degree were drawn from 24 Government Secondary Schools within Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State in the South-eastern part of Nigeria using criterion sampling technique. Okonkwo (2011) 8-item time-based work interference with family scale and 9-item emotional exhaustion scale drawn from Maslach and Jackson (1986) 22-item burnout inventory were administered.  Correlational design was used. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used as statistical test for data analysis. Time-based work interference with family was not related to emotional exhaustion, r (302) = 0.04, p >.05. The result was discussed in the light of Conservation of Resources Theory.

Keywords: Time-based, Work interference with family, Emotional exhaustion, Female teachers.

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