Attitude and Perception of Adolescents towards Teenage Pregnancy in Makurdi Metropolis

  • AR Grace
  • IH Ihuoma
  • NR Temitope
Keywords: Attitude, Perception, Adolescents, Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy rates remain on the increase in Makurdi metropolis of Benue State, Nigeria. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the attitudes and perceptions of teenagers in Makurdi metropolis regarding teenage pregnancy. A total of two hundred and eighty six adolescents (286) participated in this survey which included 119 (40.8%) males and 164 (56.2%) females. Also 199 (68.2%) of the adolescents are In-school while 87 (29.8%) are Out of school. A self developed questionnaire was used to collect data. Four hypotheses were generated and tested using independent t-test, and the findings indicated that there was significant difference between male and female adolescents on attitude towards teenage pregnancy (t (281) = 1.90, P<0.05) and their perception of teenage pregnancy (t (275) = -1.99, P<0.05). Also it was found that there is no difference between In School and Out of School adolescent attitudes towards teenage pregnancy (t (284) = 0.024, P>0.05). Equally, male and female adolescents share similar perceptions of the causes of teenage pregnancy. Based on the findings, it was recommended that multi faceted and multi-sectoral approaches be used in tackling the issues of teenage pregnancy in Nigeria. It was also suggested that sexuality education should not only be included in the school curriculum but be made functional both at primary and secondary school level.

Keywords: Attitude, Perception, Adolescents, Teenage Pregnancy


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eISSN: 1596-9231