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Youths Attitude To Rural Development Projects In Ogba Communities Of Rivers State, Nigeria

MC Okwusi


The study examined attitude of youth towards rural development projects in Ogba
communities of Rivers State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty youths in the study area were involved in the study and data were collected with the aid of structured interview schedule. Data analysis was by the use of descriptive tools. The findings of the study revealed that youths in the study area have favourable attitude towards development projects. It was also found that improper and inadequate awareness, low level of exposure, Non-challant attitude, insufficient training, lack of encouragement by chiefs and elders of the community, intermittent change of government, selfishness on the part of the youth leaders were the factors that affected youth participation in development. Adequate awareness programmes should be put in place to encourage youths to participate more in rural development projects. Also, training in the form of participatory seminars and
workshops would help the youths to be more proactive.

Keywords: Youths attitude, rural development projects, Ogba communities, Rivers State, Nigeria

Global Approaches to Extension Practice Vol. 4 (1) 2008: pp. 11-19