Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Sociometric analysis of group relations: implications for effective communication and enhanced performance of cooperatives in Abia state, Nigeria.

G Ifenkwe


The study examined interpersonal and communication relationships among members of cooperative societies in Abia State. A proportionate sample of farming (12), trading (8), and agro-industrial cooperatives (5) was taken to constitute 25 groups studied. A graphic representation of sociometric data obtained showed predominance of asymmetric communication links indicating low level of cohesiveness within the groups. The lopsided nature of the sociometric choices, against the ‘overchosen’, was evidence of perception of
equal value by members, while the predominant multi-step communication chains signified multiple interaction and adequate information dissemination, though with a possibility of communication restriction and miscommunication. Measures that would build trust, break social barriers and, consequently, improve group cohesiveness and communication efficiency among the groups are recommended.

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