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Discriminant Analysis Of Poultry Farmers Technology Adoption Potentials In Abia State Nigeria

CI Eze, PO Okudu


The study determined the poultry Farmers technology adoption potentials in Abia State Nigeria. Multi-stage random sampling technique was used in the selection of local government areas, blocks, circles and respondents. Instrument of data collection was via a structured and pre-tested questionnaire. The data were analyzed using the discriminant function model. The result shows that Farm income, stock and educational levels were the
most valuable variables determining the Poultry farmers technology adoption potential. The classification performance of the model was 83.33%, which is very adequate when compared with previous studies. The Agricultural Extension Agencies and Abia State Government are strongly urged to pay strict attention to the above socio-economic characteristics of Poultry
farmers when recruiting Poultry Contact farmers to minimize loss of inputs and default in input adoption.

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